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Thoroughly tested for air and water resistance, as well as structural integrity, our storm windows will deliver unmatched strength and protection against many of the most destructive weather conditions. A series of test impacts against the window from a “large missile” – a 9 pound wooden 2 x 4, calibrated at 50 feet per second upon release, directed against the glass. After the window passes this test, it is then subjected to positive and negative pressure for 9,000 rapid cycles up to 100% of the design pressure. Our impact windows also offer another very pleasing element – the laminated glass helps to absorb sound, instead of transmitting it. This feature allows for not only peace of mind, but also peace from the daily disruption of the outside world.


  • Lifetime glass breakage warranty
  • Double-hung, picture, and slider window styles available
  • Mitered corners for excellent strength and durability
  • Structural strength with the mid-window stabilizer bar
  • Energy efficient
  • From Coal Black to Vallis Red, we have the colors to match your home